In one year, we grew revenue 740% selling goods to patriots. Now we’re expanding and launching a truly patriotic beer. You have an exclusive opportunity to join us and be entitled to a dividend.

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Top Reasons to Invest

Revenue Growth in 2022
Beer Market
Effective Quarterly Dividend Per Preferred Share
Potential Cases of Beer Sold Per Year
Proud partners of Tony Stewart racing
American Rebel beer cans moving through the air while been open.

Earn an 8% Dividend on American Rebel Stock

Our common stock is already publicly traded, but this raise is a limited opportunity to get American Rebel preferred stock which entitles shareholders to receive a $0.16 per share quarterly dividend, and can later be converted into common stock.

Our Founding Story

Founded by a Proven Patriot

Our CEO/Singer-songwriter Andy Ross sings about the American dream - and we named the company after his song “American Rebel.” Andy has released 3 CDs and 9 singles full of patriotic southern rock-n-roll and appeared on the “Rocked and Loaded” episode of Counting Cars on the History Channel. He hosted Maximum Archery World Tour for 10 years on the Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel and now he’s putting a lifetime of adventure and business know-how into the American Rebel brand.

The Problem

America’s “Favorite” Beers Are Falling Off

It’s getting harder for patriots to find a beer that aligns with their values. Bud Light sales fell 29% year-over-year last October, creating what we believe is a nearly $400M void in the $110B US beer market that we’re aiming to help fill.

Our Solution


From the mountains to the prairies, to your pint glass white with foam – we’re bringing back beer with a backbone. All that matters in our brew is taste and a touch of American excellence (and 4.2% ABV).

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We ARE WELL POSITIONED to Scale at Speed

Key partnerships enable us to potentially sell 2M+ annual cases of American Rebel beer in the near-term.

  • Largest integrated supplier in the beverage industry
  • Plans for additional beverage offerings
  • Four state-of-the-art facilities in WI, PA, TN, and CA
  • Capacity of over 130 million cases annually

Expanding from Arms to Ales

Our concealed carry backpacks and safes are a proven hit, rocketing revenue by more than 8X in a single year. In fact, our dealers call American Rebel safes the safe with an attitude. Our continued growth of our safe business is fueling a projected revenue run rate of $20M+ for 2024. The continued expansion sets us up perfectly to now introduce America’s Patriotic, God Fearing, Constitution Loving, National Anthem Singing, Stand Your Ground Beer.


Beyond Gear & Beer

Next up? We believe there is almost a limitless list of potential products, including American Rebel Grills, BBQ Sauce, Motor Oil, and more. There’s also exciting potential for licensing the American Rebel brand to sectors such as tool manufacturing, which we believe could help make the most of our already strong brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Market Opportunity

AIMING TO Tap Into the $110B+ Beer Market

We believe that culture and beer are inseparable, and the nation’s leading brands have made it clear they don’t understand our customer’s values. With our brand recognition and industry connections, we believe we are poised to scale fast and seize this opportunity.


740% COMPANY-WIDE Revenue Growth in 2022

Our company grew revenue from $1M in 2021 to $8.4M in 2022. We see a $20M+ 2024 projected revenue run rate for our American Rebel safes. And while we have yet to sell beer, with our partner City Brewing producing 130 million cases annually, we believe we are uniquely positioned for rapid growth.

City Brewing is North America’s largest co-packer

2 Successful IPOs

Nashville Recording Artist

Host, Maximum Archery World Tour

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Media buzz

CEO Andy Ross Has Appeared in

Fox & Friends
New to the Street
Fox Business
The Chris Salcedo Show
One America Network (OAN) 
Entrepreneur Magazine

Exclusive Investor Perks

Opportunity ends in

Invest and be eligible to receive exclusive perks:

Preferred Stock Dividend

Earn a $0.16 PER SHARE Quarterly Dividend

You have the potential to receive a $0.16 per share dividend every quarter when you purchase our Series C Preferred Stock. Join our patriotic family today!

Our Team

Andy Ross

Founded a Nasdaq-listed public company, Digital Ally in 2004; hosted his own hunting show, Maximum Archery World Tour for 10 years; as a singer-songwriter he has released three CDs and nine singles to date. 

Doug Grau

Served as music producer for CEO Andy Ross; previously an executive at Warner Bros. Records in Nashville for fifteen years; developing the talents of Travis Tritt, Little Texas, David Ball, Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy, Ron White, and others.

Corey Lambrecht

Involved with American Rebel since its founding; 20+ years as a public company executive; worked with Saf-T-Hammer Corporation to purchase Smith & Wesson from Tomkins PLC.


What is your share price?


What is the minimum investment amount?


What kind of shares are you issuing?

Series C Preferred Stock

How much are you raising?

Up to $20M

What is the current valuation of the company?

$15.8M pre-money valuation

Why should I invest?

American Rebel is America’s Patriotic Brand, a lifestyle brand. When Susie asks mom what Dad wants for Father’s Day, we want the answer to be “anything with American Rebel on it.” American Rebel currently sells concealed carry backpacks, jackets and coats along with safes and safe accessories. American Rebel is launching America’s Patriotic, God-Fearing, Constitution-Loving, National Anthem-Singing, Stand Your Ground Beer in the first half of 2024. In addition to our current products, American Rebel sees opportunities for American Rebel Grills, BBQ sauce, motor oil, tools, targets and protein packs to name a few. Join our patriotic family and receive a $0.16 per share quarterly dividend and watch us grow.

How do you plan to use the proceeds from this funding round?

Please review the Offering Circular here.

Will you be paying out dividends to investors?

Our common stock is already publicly traded, but this raise is a limited opportunity to get American Rebel preferred stock with a $0.16 per share quarterly dividend, which can later be converted into common stock.

How long are you expecting the company to operate before needing another round?

The need for additional capital will depend on how well the launch of American Rebel Beer is received as well as how American Rebel’s current products sell. Another factor determining when the Company may require additional capital would be what type of acquisition opportunities become available or how many new products the Company intends to develop and launch.

What industries are you currently focused on?

American Rebel currently sells concealed carry backpacks, jackets, and coats that are in the self-defense industry. Our safes fall under the safe storage industry and both safe storage and self-defense fall under Second Amendment industries. With our launch of American Rebel Beer, we are entering the beverage industry.

When will I receive my shares?

Your shares will be recorded in book entry at our transfer agent, Securities Transfer Corporation.

Are there higher fees if you invest via credit card vs. ACH?

No, costs are the same, regardless of how you invest.

Where can I find the company’s SEC filings?

All of American Rebel’s regulatory filings, including financial reports, can be found here

What is American Rebel’s core business?

The Company is setting out to establish itself as “America’s Patriotic Brand.” American Rebel is a lifestyle brand that we believe presents our customers the opportunity to express their values with the products they buy. We currently operate primarily as a designer, manufacturer and marketer of branded safes and personal security and self-defense products. American Rebel acquired Champion Safe Company, Inc., a Utah corporation (“Champion Safe”), and its associated entities on July 29, 2022. This acquisition dramatically grew the Company’s revenues and built a solid base to position the Company for future growth. Additionally, the Company designs and produces branded apparel and accessories. On August 9, 2023, the Company entered into a Master Brewing Agreement (the “Brewing Agreement”) with Associated Brewing Company, a Minnesota limited liability company (“Associated Brewing”). Under the terms of the Brewing Agreement, Associated Brewing has been appointed as the exclusive producer and seller of American Rebel branded spirits, with the initial product being American Rebel Light Beer (“American Rebel Beer”). American Rebel Beer plans to launch regionally in early 2024. The beer industry in the United States is a more than $110 billion dollar market. We believe there is a substantial opportunity to enter the beer market at this time to present our customers with a beer they can support that aligns with their values.

Where are your headquarters?

Corporate headquarters is in Lenexa, KS

How many employees do you have?

The company currently has approximately 215 full-time employees and 20 part-time employees.

How many investors do you have already?

As a publicly traded company, we have thousands of shareholders that hold our American Rebel Common Stock. Our Series C Preferred Stock can only be purchased through this Regulation Crowdfunding offering.

Who are your competitors? What are your advantages against them?

American Rebel Beer competitors are first specifically any beer, and more broadly, any beverage. American Rebel Light Lager is a premium domestic light beer, in the same category as Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light, Michelob Ultra, etc. Our advantages? American Rebel Light Lager is a beer you can trust, with no corn syrup or rice extract fillers. American Rebel Light Lager is not overly carbonated, as many light beers over carbonate to compensate for lack of taste.

Are you looking to partner with other companies?

We are negotiating partnerships with several non-profit organizations. We are also open to considering partnerships with other beverage companies at some point in the future.

What have been the main challenges in developing your service/product and how have they been mitigated?

Every detail of American Rebel Beer has been created from scratch – from the formulation of the beer, to the artwork on the can and licensing necessary to sell beer to distributors. We've taken care to research and carefully design every aspect of American Rebel Beer. We think our commitment to excellence shows in our great product.

When will the company expand into additional markets and which ones?

We believe American Rebel is boldly positioning itself as “America’s Patriotic Brand” in a time when national spirit and American values are being rekindled and redefined. The typical American Rebel customer loves their family, their country and their community. We believe the time is right for American Rebel Beer, we believe we have the right expertise, and we believe we have the right brand. We believe recent trends have revealed that beer consumers want to express their values through their choice of beer. We believe that American Rebel Beer will have a receptive target audience for our product. American Rebel Light Beer will be the first product introduced on a regional basis, with plans to launch in early 2024. Consumers are already registering their email addresses at to be notified when American Rebel Beer is available in their local market.

Do you plan to expand internationally?

Not initially, but we believe the success of American Rebel Beer will create demand all over the world. American-made products that are uniquely American are very popular globally.